Strategy and process management

  • From the HR-IT strategy to the HR-IT Roadmap
  • Process workshops and optimization
  • Process documentation
  • HR Shared Services and operating model

You already have systems in use, but additional processes should be added. You are not sure if you should move to a new vendor or start building hybrid HR-IT landscapes. If you need support to analyze your current situation, define an HR-IT strategy and roadmap, support your choice of vendor and applications I can provide assistance. In my experience the choice of vendor and applications require clear definition of your processes and business needs. What added value do you expect from the implementation, what should your Management, Managers and employees get out of it? Try to keep it simple. Not every process is improved by automation. If you need a sparring partner for your internal challenges I would be happy to offer my services.

Project management

  • Support to vendor and application selection
  • Project planning and budget calculation
  • Project Manager (application implementation, setup shared Services, HR Controlling, etc.)
  • Takeover of single workpackages throughout all project phases to fill the gap of ressources (workshop organization, requirement documents, testing, training, project communication, etc.)

A system implementation was approved and you need the detailed planning and cost calculation for the next steps? Independent of which project phase you have a lack of resources or missing qualifications I will be happy to support. With my skillset I can take over the responsibility as project manager, do your project and budget planning or just work on single work packages wherever your HR team needs backup.

HR Operations

  • Interim Manager of HR Shared Services or operational administrative HR departments
  • Release upgrade support
  • Data model definition and implementation (as base for application harmonizations, setup of HR KPIs or automation of authorizations)
  • HR Controlling

You have a lack of resources at short notice in your team or operational tasks are at risk on a regular basis during system release upgrades? You really would appreciate some support during these phases? At least somebody who takes over the documentation update? Get in touch, we can discuss potential solutions.